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Power BI Data Analyst

Course is developed to give detailed understanding of Power BI Desktop, data sources, Power Query and data transformations, Data Modelling, Data Tables, DataVisualizations, (DAX) Data Analysis Expressions, Publishing Power BI Reports in PBI Workspace and sharing. Learning above tools can rocket your career to new heights.

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07 Jun(11 Weeks)Only FridayTimings11:30:00 AM to 1:30:00 PM LiveOnline
04 May(11 Weeks)Only SaturdayTimings11:30:00 AM to 1:30:00 PM LiveOnline


Expert Faculty

Learn from expert and experienced faculty in Power BI,DAX,Data Analysis and Visualizations.

Get Certified

Get Certified in Power BI and Data analysis

Session Recordings

Get sessions recordings.

Learn DAX

Learn (DAX) Data Analysis Expressions in detail.

MIS Reporting and Dashboards

Learn Finance,HR,Inventory Reporting and create sharp visualizations.

Boost Career

Give a robust growth to your career by learning Power BI.





Asgar Kagzi Posted on 06 Jul 2023

It was a very informative and interactive learning experience.The instructor have good command and knowledge.


Walid Marhaba Posted on 03 Dec 2022

The courses given by Techcraft are so fruitfull and very helpful and supportive in practical life.


Ahamed Nawaz Posted on 12 Nov 2022

Excellent coaching and well satisfied


Ellen Ndimba Posted on 26 Jul 2022

The course was worthy it .The course covered all the aspects of data analysis ,management and application ,The tutor was excellent ,patient and understanding .She explained all the concepts in a very simple manner and comprehensive manner. I will strongly recommend this course to anyone who want to advance in their careers.


1.Introduction to Power BI Desktop:

Installing and Running Power ,BI Desktop,The parts of Power BI,Core areas of Power BI,Workflow of PBI,Data Load Process,The Power BI Desktop Window

2.Loading Data with Power BI Desktop:

Data Sources,Loading Data,Web Pages,CSV Files,Text Files, Excel, Databases.

3.Transforming Data in Power Query:

Power BI Desktop Queries, Transforming Data The Power Query Editor, The Applied Steps List Dataset Shaping, Renaming/Reordering/Removing Columns, Removing Error Records, Removing Duplicate Records Sorting Data, Filtering Data.

4.Data Cleaning & Data Mashup:

Changing Data Type, Detecting Data Types Replacing Values,Transforming Column Contents Filling Down, Using the First Row As Headers,Grouping Duplicating, Splitting & Merging Columns,Custom/ Index Columns, Merging & Appending Data,Adding the Contents of One Query to Another, Adding Multiple Files from a Source Folder, Changing the Data Structure Pivoting & Unpivoting ,Query Duplicates & References

5.Power Query M formula language:

What is M Code?,Where Can you use Power Query Mcode? The Formula Bar,The Advanced editor Expressions And Values In Power Query Let Statement,Query Functions.

6.Creating & Designing Data Model:

Data Modeling in the Power BI Desktop Environment Star Schema Design Principal, Creating Relationships Manually & Automatically Cardinality- Many to One, One to One,Many to Many.Deleting, Managing, Deactivating Relationships.

7.Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) :

Introduction to DAX, Calculated Measures, Calculated Columns, Calculated Tables. DAX Aggregation Functions like SUM,SUMX,COUNT, COUNTX,AVERAGEX etc. DAX Filter Functions like CALCULATE,CALCULATETABLE FILTER,KEEPFILTERS,REMOVEFILTERS,ALL etc. DAX Logical Functions like IF,AND,OR,SWITCH,TRUE DAX Relationship Functions like RELATED, RELATEDTABLE, USERELATIONSHIP. DAX Table Manipulation functions like ADDCOLUMNS, CROSSJOIN,NATURALINNERJOIN,SUMMARIZE, TOPN GENERATEALL etc

8.Analysing Data over Time Creating Date Table:

Creating Date Table DAX Date and Time Functions like CALENDER, CALENDERAUTO,DATE,DATEDIFF,EDATE,EOMONTH etc. Creating and Applying a Date Table,YTD, QTD & MTD DAX Time-intelligence functions like TOTAL MTD, TOTALQTD,TOTALYTD,DATESMTD,DATESQTD,OPENIN F & CLOSINGBALANCE,DATESBETWEEN STC Calculations Comparing Data from Previous Years Comparing with the Same Date Period from a Different Quarter, Month, or Year.

9.Power BI Visualizations:

Canvas, Visualizations and Fields,Power BI Desktop Dashboards ,Creating a Basic Table,Creating a Matrix Multi-Row Cards,Switching Between Table Types. A First Chart,Basic Chart Types,Column Charts Line Charts, Pie Charts,Essential Chart Adjustments Donut Charts,Funnel Charts,Multiple Data Values in Charts 100% Stacked Column and Bar Charts Scatter Charts,Bubble Charts,Waterfall Dual-Axis Charts,Data Details,Drill Down,Enhancing Charts,Bubble Chart Play Axis

10.Other Types of Visuals:

Maps Using Geographical Data Adjusting the Map Display in Power BI Desktop Filled Maps Tree Maps Gauges Additional Visuals

11.Filtering Data:

Filters Visual-Level Filters Page-Level Filters Report-Level Filters Removing Filters Using the Filter Hierarchy Using Slicers Formatting Slicers Specifying Visual Interactions Choosing the Correct Approach to Interactive Data Selection

12.Power BI Deployment on Cloud:

POwer BI Workspace,Publishing report on workspace, Sharing

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