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Certification Program in Data Analytics

Welcome to the Certification Program in Data Analytics using Excel, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau! This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of data analytics. Whether you're a beginner looking to start a career in data analytics or a professional seeking to enhance your skills, this course provides a robust foundation in the most widely-used tools and techniques in the industry.

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06 Jul(120 Days)Only SaturdayTimings9:00:00 AM to 2:00:00 PM LiveVirtual Classroom


Expert and Experienced Faculty

Learn from expert and experienced faculty in Excel,SQL,Power BI,DAX,Tableau,Data Analysis and Visualizations.

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Excel,SQL,Power BI and Tableau

Learn Excel,SQL,Power BI and Tableau for Data Analysis

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Give a robust growth to your career by learning Data Analysis.





Saravanaraman Velchamy Posted on 04 Mar 2024

The course has been designed in well-structured and the instructor have good knowledge of the subject matter.


MD REHMAN ISLAMUL HAQUE Posted on 12 Nov 2023

This course is comprehensive and cover a wide range of process and Excel serviceability that you will use everyday in life. The large range of examples enables you to see day to day examples of how might you relate your bit of awareness both during the class and after you have finalized it. Thanks a lot mam.


Sayed Irfan Posted on 14 Aug 2023

As a result of my certification course, I have gained a great deal of knowledge, and I appreciate their teaching method with proper practice and immediate clarification of doubts. The Techcraft team deserves a huge thank you. I wish them more success and a professional education for every student. Thank a lot Ms. Babita George.


Emmanuel Oleabhiele Posted on 02 Jul 2023

I particularly enjoyed all sessions by the faculty Ms Jayashree Tawari. She tried to ensure the sessions were conscience, detailed and well understood. Thanks for the opportunity to learn and I look forward to joining other classes by Techcraft.


1.Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel:

Basics of Excel, Formatting, Database functions Excel Operators , Logical &Text formulas./Formula error checking.Excel Sheet Formatting. Date and time functions,Database functions likeDSUM,DAVERAGE,DCOUNT,DGET.

2.Relative,Absolute & Mixed Referencing:

Creating Absolute/Mixed References. Problems with Absolute/Relative Cell Referencing

3. Look up Functions:

Named Ranges,VLOOKUP() – a practical perspective.VLOOKUP() w. TRUE – When & Why? VLOOKUP() with MATCH(), lookup INDEX() and 2 MATCH(),XLOOKUP

4.Pivot Tables,Pivot Charts & Power Pivot:

Creating, Formatting Simple PivotTables.Page Field in a PivotTable.Formatting a PivotTable. Creating/Modifying a PivotChart. Data Modelling in Power Pivot

5. Complex & Logical Formulas:

IF(), Nested IFs, AND(),OR() Combo Logics; IFERROR().

6.MIS Reporting & Dashboard Techniques:

Automatic row-wise Subtotal, Gridlines, Data Validation (list),Cell-Range Naming, Grouping. Build Business reports like Sales, Inventory, Salary report, dashboards etc.

7. Charting ,Conditional Formatting & Data Cleaning:

Creating Multiple Chart Type, Primary, Secondary Chart ,Trend line Charting, Scatterplot, Conditional Formatting


Protecting, Validating & Consolidating data from sheets and workbooks.

9. Macros Application:

Developer tab; Record & Run a Macro,Understanding & Editing VBA Code of Macros.

10. Data Analysis and AI Tools:

Power Query, What if Analysis, Forecast, Analyze,Chat GPT in Excel, AI Add-ins in Excel

11.SQL Course Content for Data Analysis:

Understanding SQL: Definition and Importance Overview of Databases: Types and Uses Installing and Setting Up MySQL and MySQL Workbench

12.Exploring SQL Data Types:

Understanding Primary Keys and Foreign Keys Applying Constraints: NOT NULL, UNIQUE, CHECK, DEFAULT

13.Creating and Managing Databases:

Creating Databases and Tables, Modifying Table Structures with ALTER TABLE Dropping Tables and Databases

14. Data Manipulation:

Inserting Data into Tables (INSERT), Updating Data in Tables (UPDATE),Deleting Data from Tables (DELETE),Best Practices for Data Integrity

15. Querying Data:

Writing Basic SELECT Statements, Filtering Data with the WHERE Clause, Using Logical Operators (AND, OR, NOT),Sorting Data with ORDER BY

16. Importing and Exporting Data:

Importing Data from CSV Files into SQL, Exporting Data from SQL to CSV Files Handling Large Data Imports Efficiently

17.Functions in SQL:

Using String Functions: CONCAT, SUBSTRING, LENGTH, etc. Exploring Numeric Functions: ROUND, AVG, SUM, etc. Date and Time Functions: NOW(), CURDATE(), EXTRACT(), etc.

18. Aggregate Functions and Grouping Data:

Using Aggregate Functions: COUNT, MAX, MIN, AVG, SUM Grouping Data with GROUP BY Filtering Groups with HAVING Clause

19. Advanced Data Analysis Techniques:

Working with Subqueries: Types and Usage, Using Window Functions: ROW_NUMBER, RANK, DENSE_RANK, Applying Conditional Logic with CASE Statements

20. Joining Data from Multiple Tables:

Understanding SQL Joins: INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN Advanced Joins: SELF JOIN, CROSS JOIN, Combining Results with UNION and UNION ALL

21.Common Table Expressions (CTE) and Views:

Writing and Using Common Table Expressions (CTEs), Creating and Managing Views

22.Practical Data Analysis Projects:

Real-World Data Analysis Scenarios ,Hands-On Projects Using Sample Databases Interpreting and Presenting Analysis Results

23.Performance Optimization:

Indexing for Faster Query Performance,Analyzing and Optimizing Query Execution Plans

24. Advanced Topics in SQL:

Understanding and Implementing Triggers, Working with Stored Procedures and Functions

25.Microsoft Power BI:

Installing and Running Power ,BI Desktop,The parts of Power BI,Core areas of Power BI, Workflow of PBI,Data Load Process,The Power BI Desktop Window.

26. Loading Data with Power BI Desktop:

Data Sources,Loading Data,Web Pages,CSV Files,Text Files,Excel,Databases.

27. Transforming Data in Power Query:

Power BI Desktop Queries,Transforming Data The Power Query Editor, The Applied Steps List Dataset Shaping, Renaming/Reordering/Removing Columns, Removing Error Records, Removing Duplicate Records Sorting Data, Filtering Data

28.Data Cleaning & Data Mashup:

Changing Data Type,Detecting Data TypesReplacing Values,Transforming Column Contents Filling Down,Using the First Row As Headers,Grouping Duplicating,Splitting & Merging Columns,Custom/ Index Columns,Merging & Appending Data, Adding the Contents of One Query to Another,Adding Multiple Files from a Source Folder,Changing the Data Structure Pivoting & Unpivoting ,Query Duplicates & References.

29. Creating & Designing Data Model:

Data Modeling in the Power BI Desktop Environment Star Schema Design Principal, Creating Relationships Manually & Automatically Cardinality- Many to One, One to One, Many to Many. Deleting, Managing, Deactivating Relationships.

30. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) :

Introduction to DAX, Calculated Measures,Calculated Columns, Calculated Tables, DAX Aggregation Functions like SUM,SUMX,COUNT,COUNTX,AVERAGEX etc. DAX Filter Functions like CALCULATE,CALCULATE TABLE ,REMOVE FILTERS,ALL etc. DAX Logical Functions like IF,AND,OR,SWITCH,TRUE DAX Relationship Functions like RELATED,RELATEDTABLE, USERELATIONSHIP. DAX Table Manipulation functions like ADDCOLUMNS,CROSSJOIN,NATURALINNERJOIN. DAX Date and Time Functions like CALENDER,CALENDERAUTO,DATE,DATEDIFF,EDATE etc. DAX Time-intelligence functions like TOTAL MTD,TOTALQTD,TOTALYTD,DATESMTD, DATESQTD, OPENING & CLOSING BALANCE, DATESBETWEEN ETC

31.Power BI Visualizations:

Canvas, Visualizations and Fields,Power BI Desktop, Dashboards ,Creating a Basic Table, Creating a MatrixMulti-Row Cards,Switching Between Table Types.A First Chart,Basic Chart Types,Column ChartsLine Charts,Pie Charts,Essential Chart Adjustments,Donut Charts,Funnel Charts,Multiple Data Values in Charts 100% Stacked Column and Bar Charts Scatter Charts, Bubble Charts Map and Filled Map visual Tree Maps Q&A AI based Visual AI Based Key Influences Visual Decomposition Tree.

32.Filtering Data:

Filters, Visual-Level Filters,Page-Level Filters,Report-Level Filters,Removing Filters,Using the Filter Hierarchy,Using Slicers,Formatting Slicers,Specifying Visual Interactions, Choosing the Correct Approach to Interactive, Data Selection

33. Power BI Deployment on Cloud:

Power BI Workspace, Publishing report on workspace, Report Sharing

34.Data Analysis using Tableau :

Introduction to Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public, Understanding Tableau interface and workspace, Connecting to data sources, Creating your first Tableau workbook.

35.Data Preparation and Transformation:

Importing and connecting to different data sources, Data cleaning and transformation techniques, Working with joins, blends, and unions, Introduction to calculated fields and parameters.

36.Data Visualization Basics:

Understanding basic visualization concepts, Creating various chart types like bar charts, line charts, pie charts, Histograms, Box plot, Bar chart, Line, Bubble, Bullet, Scatter plot. Applying filters and sorting data,Formatting and customizing visualizations.

37. Advanced Visualization Techniques:

Exploring advanced chart types like heat maps, tree maps, Pareto, Funnel etc. Using reference lines, bands, and distributions,Working with maps and geographical data

38. Advanced Data Manipulation and Filtering:

Mark and highlight, Groups, Sets (creating and editing sets, IN/OUT),Bins, Hierarchies, Folders, Sorting and Types, Filtering in Tableau, Types of filters, Filtering continuous dates, dimensions, and measures

39. Exploring and Analyzing Data:

Calculation, Expressions and Parameters, Calculation syntax and functions in Tableau, Various types of calculations, including Table, String, Date, Aggregate, Logic, and Number, Levels of details: fixed level, lower level, and higher level, LOD expressions, including concept and syntax, Nested LOD expressions, Aggregation and replication with LOD expressions, Quick table calculations The creation of calculated fields

40.Using Parameter:

Creating parameters, Parameters in calculations, Using parameters with filters, Column selection parameters, Chart selection parameters, Using parameters in the filter session, Using parameters in the reference line

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