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Live Online Certification in Advanced Excel,MIS Reports and Data Analysis (International Batch)

We conduct 3 Months Certification in Advanced Excel & MIS Reports which is very meticulously developed Advanced Excel course helps you to develop advanced skills in excel and grow in your career.

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04 Aug(12 Weeks)Only FridayTimings5:00:00 PM to 7:00:00 PM LiveOnline

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Expert Faculty

Learn from expert and experienced faculty in Advanced excel and MIS.

Get Certified

Get certified in Advanced Excel and MIS reports.

Learn from Basic to Advanced

Make basics good and move to advanced.

Learn MIS

Learn on variety of reports like Sales,finance,inventory etc.

Access to recorded lecture

Get access to 100+ recorded videos for revision.

Boost your career

Boost your career with excel skills.





Sayed Irfan Posted on 14 Aug 2023

As a result of my certification course, I have gained a great deal of knowledge, and I appreciate their teaching method with proper practice and immediate clarification of doubts. The Techcraft team deserves a huge thank you. I wish them more success and a professional education for every student. Thank a lot Ms. Babita George.


Emmanuel Oleabhiele Posted on 02 Jul 2023

I particularly enjoyed all sessions by the faculty Ms Jayashree Tawari. She tried to ensure the sessions were conscience, detailed and well understood. Thanks for the opportunity to learn and I look forward to joining other classes by Techcraft.


Asgar Kagzi Posted on 19 Mar 2023

It was excellent session and touched almost all major tools Ms excel provides;It only lacked in-depth study of the tools ...


Gangaram Satardekar Posted on 28 Feb 2023

Thanks for patiently explaining every step and making us understand in the simplest way. Very useful tricks and tips. Value for money.


ABOOBACKER SIDHEEQ KP Posted on 02 Feb 2023

It was amazing


Mehmood Arshad Posted on 03 Dec 2022

It is very useful course, it makes our daily official tasks (database entries, preparing production, stock and sales reports) easier.


Sinisha Sumesh Posted on 02 Nov 2022

More Confident after attending the course. Highly recommend my friends. The teaching method is appreciable. Thank you so much and all the very best for Tech craft team.


Dinesh Vg Posted on 13 Oct 2022

Excellent training session


Ubaidullah sharief Thonse sharief Posted on 02 Sep 2022

Satisfied with the training session and provided enough training modules for the practice.


Santhoshkumar Gopalakrishnan Posted on 10 Jul 2022

100% satisfied.


Santhoshkumar Gopalakrishnan Posted on 10 Jul 2022

The entire session was excellent and easy to understand. Appreciated the trainer for explaining the concepts clearly and going to basic details also for the participants queries.


Prashanth Baburao Kulkarni Posted on 05 Jul 2022

Jayshree madam is an excellent Teacher where an average student like us can learn the concept of Excel quite comfortabley.Thank you madam I will come back to you for next training module by Techcraft.Thank you Techcraft. there is a problem in selecting strs.I am giving 10 stars to this institute.


Askar Ali Posted on 21 Jun 2022



Sany Annie John Posted on 30 Apr 2022

Elaborate and absolute clarity in the concepts handled.


Santosh Nambiar Posted on 25 Sep 2020

Online Classes were organized in a disciplined manner and was punctual, very detailed and interactive with worksheets and practicals - I have already started using in daily office reports with more expertise and accuracy.


Amol Jadhav Posted on 29 Jan 2020

Course and faculty was good but need more practice notes.


1.Basics of Excel:

Revisiting Excel Basics, Writing Basic Formula like Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Logical &Text formulas.Excel Operators. BODMAS/Formula error checking.Excel Sheet Formatting. Working with Dates – Concept,Correction techniques Date formulas.

2.Relative,Absolute & Mixed Referencing:

Creating Absolute/Mixed References. Problems with Absolute/Relative Cell Referencing.

3.Advanced Charting:

Creating Multiple Chart Type,Primary, Secondary Chart ,Trend line Charting, Spark Line,Dynamic Charting Techniques.

4.Logical Function Or Booleans:

Understanding basic logical functions like IF,OR,AND,COUNTIF,IFS,IFERROR to building complex logical formulas by nesting two or more functions.

5.Look up Functions:

VLOOKUP() – a practical perspective.VLOOKUP() w. TRUE – When & Why? VLOOKUP() with MATCH() 2-D lookup.INDIRECT() + Range Naming for 3-D lookup INDEX() and 2 MATCH() – reverse lookup.

6.Pivot Tables:

Creating, Formatting Simple PivotTables.Page Fieldin a PivotTable.Formatting a PivotTable.Creating/ Modifying a PivotChartIF(), Nested IFs, AND(), OR() Combo Logics; IFERROR().Building Complex Formulas.

7.MIS Reporting & Dashboard Techniques:

Automatic row-wise Subtotal,Gridlines,Data Validation (list),Cell-Range Naming,Grouping.Build Business reports like Sales,Inventory,Salary report,dashboards etc.

8.Data Cleaning:

Data cleaning is first step to do on every report.Techniques like identifying error and blanks,finding and removing duplicates,text to column methods,left,right and mid formulas,trim,case change are included in this topic.

9.Macros Application:

Developer tab; Visual Basic Editor (VBE) Record & Run a Macro.Introduction to VBA code.

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